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Onemata (noun) — Rich, fertile soil.

Onemata’s own purpose is to play a role in helping make communities more vibrant, economies stronger and lives happier.

We are New Zealand’s specialist in place branding to drive re-generation and economic development.

We believe that compelling, unifying ideas play a critical role in unlocking a place’s prosperity. They can create, protect and maximise a place’s competitive advantage to attract residents, investors, visitors and stimulate vibrant communities and economies.

From greenfield mixed use developments, to existing retail centre re-invigoration, to unification of business district membership around a common purpose, to cultural and tourist destinations, we provide the stakeholder consultation, insight gathering and strategy development – right through to execution.

We work with local and central authorities, developers, property consultants, architects, business associations and other place partners to develop purpose and prosperity for cities, regions, districts, precincts and developments and property developments.



We build multi-disciplinary teams from the very best talent based on their skills, market location, fit and affinity with the client and project.

There are two key elements to the way we work:

We’re immersive.

To create purpose we believe it’s essential to be immersed in the place and with the people you are creating purpose for. Insight gathering is a critical part of the process, including members inside and outside of the place and across different community and industry sectors. We conduct our own insight gathering, however we are also very comfortable working with a client’s existing research partner. We believe working in a collaborative and transparent way is ultimately more productive and generates more powerful – and more fulfilling – results for everyone involved.

We like clarity and simplicity.

The best ideas don’t have to be complex. Neither do the best processes. Enough said.



  • Insight gathering
  • Strategy development
  • Brand development
  • Brand refreshment
  • Brand management and counsel
  • Visual identity development
  • Marketing communications strategy
  • Marketing communications production & implementation
  • Stakeholder engagement

Our Work



/ North West Country

Capturing the spirit of the West.

North West Country

Services provided – insight gathering, strategy development, naming, visual identity development, campaign development and execution.

Onemata was engaged by the local Business Association to develop a Brand Framework to unify the region and construct a clear and consistent aspiration and vision to help drive visitor numbers and support local business growth.

Through a process of insight gathering a name for the region and positioning concept Naturally Spirited was developed, creating a platform to develop a highly successful visitor attraction campaign. In a very short period, the new area name gained buy-in and traction, media once again began to talk about North West Country as a destination, and visitor numbers increased driving local business success.

“I have had the pleasure of working with Onemata for the past few years on brand proposition work for a number of area business associations and have always been delighted with the outcome. I now encourage all my area business associations to undertake this journey to fully understand what their unique point of difference should be and that in turn drives our entire direction. If you are looking for a unique and creative approach to defining your brand proposition, Onemata should be your first and only call.”

Gary Holmes, Business Association Chair

/ New Lynn

Uniting a community to drive growth.

New Lynn

Services provided Insight gathering, strategy development, stakeholder consultation and engagement

Onemata was engaged by Auckland Council to develop 
a clear and consistent Value Proposition to achieve a consistent voice for this Metropolitan Centre. The framework was developed through extensive consultation with stakeholders and public research.

The Auckland Council holds a powerful vision for New Lynn. A vision that by 2030 it will be a unique sustainable urban place, centred on a world class transit interchange that is capable of attracting and maintaining a
vast population of residents
and workers. New Lynn is one 
of Auckland’s most exciting developments and plays an important piece in delivering 
on Auckland’s vision to be the world’s most livable city by 2040. Developing a clear positioning that speaks to its unique and diverse attributes was key to helping deliver on both the vision for New Lynn and for Auckland City.

The work Onemata delivered was successful in creating a unified position, helping to change the conversation and perception of the area, with developers, education providers and an array of stakeholders. It has set a platform to drive and curate development over future years.

/ Chancery Square

A modern day take on a village square.

Chancery Square

Services providedInsight gathering, strategy development, marketing programme planning and implementation

One of the city’s most unique retail precincts was in need of re-positioning to help drive investment from new owners and tenants and help to drive foot traffic back into the area. Onemata was engaged to deliver insight gathering and a re-positioning strategy to drive tenant strategy, environment refresh and marketing programme.

From this process Chancery Square was introduced – Auckland City’s modern-day take on a little village square. A shift away what was a faux-European boutique precinct, to a thriving, modern New Zealand village square. Celebrating its intimate environment in the central city, with an emphasis on small, specialty retailers.

“Through Onemata’s insight gathering and strategy work we now have powerful positioning concept that is helping re-invigorate this special precinct in Auckland city. They have guided us through the process, engaging a diverse range of landlords and other stakeholders and are helping to drive tangible positive change. Onemata continue to provide guidance and support with marketing of the centre to tell our story.”

Mark Bridgman, Director, Viranda Holdings

/ Shore City

Revitalising an Auckland icon.


Services deliveredinsight gathering, strategy development.

A change of centre ownership created an opportunity for the new owners to review where Auckland’s iconic beachside galleria sat in the market and what was needed to re-vitalise it. Onemata was engaged to undertake research and develop a new positioning for this iconic retail centre. The relaxed yet sophisticated nature of Shore City as a retail destination and its unique proximity to the beach came through very strongly in the research and led to the positioning concept Beachside Boutique. The repositioning built on its existing strength, providing a solid platform for revitalisation of the centre’s environment, marketing and review of its tenant mix. Shore City has become an even more relevant and attractive destination for local shoppers.


/ Dominion Road

A world within a street

Dominion Road

Services providedInsight gathering, strategy development, stakeholder consultation, identity development, marketing and ongoing communications.

Dominion Road holds a special place in the hearts of many Aucklanders, however its ‘reputation’ had become muddled. Without clearly articulating a unique brand idea and developing a distinctive identity, the risk was that its reputation would organically evolve into something that pigeon holed Dominion Road and limited its opportunity to attract the maximum number of visitors and new investors (including businesses voting to become part of the area’s BID zone).

With planned upgrades of Dominion Road, it was also an opportune time to help guide what Dominion Road needed to ‘look’ and ‘feel’ like to protect its heritage and uniqueness, whilst still remaining relevant for the future.

/ Uptown Business Association

Building a community and giving it a voice.

Uptown Business Association

Services providedInsight gathering, strategy development, marketing programme planning and implementation

Uptown has incredible and unique potential; the opportunity to create a dense, vibrant and connected city fringe suburb. The resident population is set to significantly increase with a number of new apartment developments either completed, in progress or planned. However the community is struggling to connect without a real town centre and services, community space or events. Onemata was engaged to develop to create a clear, shared vision and a collective sense of identity to attract investors, residents and visitors and form a strong sense of community. A vision the business association could also own.

“Uptown doesn’t have the luxury of a slow gentrification process to develop and promote our personality. We are growing up fast, and we want to grow up fast with a plan that reflects who we are, what we’ve been, but mostly what we plan to become. Onemata is one of our super-nutrients.”

Laila Harré, Uptown Business Association Chair

/ Westgate

A town with balance.

Westgate Town Centre

Services providedinsight gathering, strategy development.

Westgate has recently been identified in the Auckland Plan as one of Auckland’s key metropolitan centres. Onemata were commissioned to develop a positioning strategy for the Westgate new town centre development. The project involved consultation with Council and the developer to gain a clear understanding of the vision and plans for the town centre as it related to both other areas in the North West as well as within the context of Auckland City’s vision.

A key challenge of the project was development of a brand positioning that had enough stretch to:

  • represent a physical town centre and a community
  • encompass retail, commercial, residential, recreational
  • have linkage to other existing North West communities
  • support Auckland’s vision to be the world’s most livable city by 2040.

We identified the core insight that more people are looking for ways of living and working that give them better balance; and that Westgate offered the perfect balance for living, working, playing and gathering. It’s a modern yet spirited place with strong connections to authentic community living and the Northwest environment.



Our Other Work

/ Annabel Langbein

Annabel Langbein

Services provided – Research and brand strategy consultancy for further growth in NZ and international markets.

“Onemata’s insight-led ethos provided us with the clarity required to progress the Annabel Langbein brand and develop relevant and targeted marketing initiatives. We valued Onemata’s extremely professional approach and the energy, commitment and integrity they bring to their working relationship with clients.”

Christine Arden  General Manager – Annabel Langbein Media


/ Apples from NZ

Promoting New Zealand’s most simple pleasure.

Apples from NZ

Services deliveredinsight gathering, strategy development, campaign development and execution.

Onemata were engaged to positively differentiate New Zealand apples to UK and European consumers with the aim of changing their purchasing behavior. In order to achieve cut-through in the saturated markets of UK and Europe, a previously silo apple industry had to be unified around the development of a singular brand and brand campaign for New Zealand apples.

Our approach was to develop an emotional connection with New Zealand, the place of origin. This focus on origin was overlaid with the universal simple pleasure of eating an apple. At the heart of the campaign was the pleasure of giving 
the simple gift of a perfect NZ apple amidst the busy streets
 of several European capitals. This experience was supported by a multi-platform campaign, which included a short film.

The positioning concept and campaign unified a divided industry
 to use their collective strength and resources to successfully raise awareness of New Zealand apples in the European market for the benefit of all individual growers. Critically it also led to presence of NZ apples in store earlier than in previous years which had a significant impact on sales.

/ Be a Tidy kiwi

Refreshing a much loved New Zealand brand.

Be a Tidy kiwi

Services providedInsight gathering, strategy development, design.

Onemata were engaged by Auckland Litter Prevention Steering Group to re-refresh and launch the much loved Be a Tidy Kiwi brand. The brand holds special meaning and significance to many New Zealanders through its extensive historical usage. The challenge was to leverage this historical equity whilst also giving the brand a fresh and more relevant identity. The work we’ve delivered has provided a strong strategic framework for future activity.

“We wanted to make sure that we thoroughly understood our brand before we started to tinker with it. Onemata made sure we had the insights to protect what’s working and the courage to change what isn’t.”

Rick Leckinger, Auckland Litter Prevention Steering Group

/ Keep New Zealand Beautiful

Keep New Zealand Beautiful

Services provided – Insight gathering, communications strategy and implementation.


/ Columbus Coffee

Columbus Coffee

Services providedInsight gathering, strategy development, marketing programme planning and implementation

Founded in the mid 1990’s Columbus Coffee was one of New Zealand’s driving forces in the establishment of our now vibrant espresso scene. A household café name in New Zealand, cafes now number of 70 across the breadth of the country. Rapid growth and fuure growth plans coupled increasingly food and coffee savvy consumers, greater competition and the challenge in finding high quality franchisees led to a need for a complete and deep review and refresh of the brand – across every touch point.

Following launch of the refresh, Onemata were asked to remain on board as contract marketing resource – delivering an industry leading national marketing programme including development of a highly successful customer engagement programme.

“During the time Onemata has worked with Columbus we have seen huge improvements in a wide range of areas in our business that have been made as a direct result of your work. Key to mention here is that the change has driven significant year on year sales growth across the business. In your role leading our ongoing marketing, the business has seen the establishment of a world-class marketing program delivered on a low budget that has been the envy of a number of our competitors and other marketing agencies.”

Peter Webster, General Manager


/ B&F Papers

B&F Papers

Services provided – brand communications, collateral and print advertising.

Having worked through a refresh of the brand following 80 years in the market, B&F Papers now work with Onemata to market their paper ranges in ways that support their positioning as New Zealand’s smart paper company.

“Through Onemata’s work they have shown us how a brand review exercise can pull the entire team together. The team now has more pride and a sense of working together as one. They help us ‘get it’. I have dealt with many agencies before. Onemata is very refreshing.”

Barbara Thompson, B&F Papers


/ Game Dojo

Game Dojo

Services provided – Brand strategy support for launch of NZ’s nationwide business accelerator for the video games and interactive entertainment sector.

“One of the core challenges of any venture is being able to clearly articulate the essence of your value proposition in a distinctive way – I asked Onemata to help me to do this. The end result was extremely gratifying – the brand that we co-created together was both succinct & compelling. What I didn’t expect though is that through their process, my understanding of, & passion for my venture grew. I can’t imagine a more satisfying outcome. Thank you.”

Mitch Olsen founder Game Dojo


/ Prime Panels

Prime Panels

Services provided –  Insight gathering and brand strategy development to drive a brand identity refresh for this 10 year old New Zealand owned and operated finished surface manufacturer.

“Onemata was recommended and engaged to undertake a complete brand audit and establish our new brand framework and rebranding strategy. They fulfilled our brief at the highest level and were able to quickly understand our business, complicated channel to market and customers. They articulated their findings and recommendations clearly and free of jargon, which we appreciated as we moved through what was to us a foreign process. I would not hesitate to recommend Onemata’s services to any business looking to investigate their identity or brand.

Jeff Curtis  Marketing Manager – Prime Panels


/ Vitamin Gum

Vitamin Gum

Services provided – Insight gathering and brand strategy development for Vitamin Gum’s further growth in NZ & development of campaign strategy and execution into the Australian market.

“Onemata were an absolute pleasure to work with. They were on the same page as us right from the get go and really understood the direction we wanted to take our brand. They were passionate and excited about the potential of Vitamin Gum as though they were one of us. We definitely recommend Onemata to all small businesses out there finding it hard to articulate their brand and what they represent.”

Dan Fantl  Creative Director

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Ralph Walker brings over two decades of experience in brand and communications, having worked with many of New Zealand’s largest advertising agencies. Over this time he has led work on many high profile brands including New Zealand Rugby Football Union (NZRFU), Telecom NZ (now Spark), Placemakers, Life Pharmacy, American Express, Pernod Ricard and Sony Electronics.

His personal passion is building powerful brands for places. He believes the best way to create successful places is by capturing imagination through inspiring ideas that unite communities. Ralph has been a conference keynote speaker a number of times and has lectured advertising at AUT.



Anna Walker brings over two decades of experience in insight gathering, brand development, brand management and marketing communications. Prior to co-founding Onemata, she held senior positions with a number of New Zealand’s leading brand agencies working with clients across a vast ranges of sectors – from public sector/social policy, to economic development, to sports, education, manufacturing and charitable services.

Her skills lie in translating insights into powerful ideas and experiences that resonate. Her work has been recognised within a number of awards from the New Zealand Franchise Association, Designers Institute of NZ and the International Direct Marketing Association.






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